Tacos Manzano


Tacos Manzano Restaurant was founded in 2002 by the Manzano family. Their passion for traditional Oaxacan and Mexican cuisine, coupled with their determination & hard work ethic started what has now become a successfull business endeavor.
The Manzano’s are from the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. They work diligently to conserve and share their cultural traditions. The exquisite flavors that identify Oaxacan and Mexican gastronomy are the main ingredients that uniquely identify this thriving small business. Their concept of regional home-style cooking manages to convey an air of nostalgia both to those who grew up with Mexican food as well as those with the most demanding palates.
Customer satisfaction is a key component for Tacos Manzano. They strive to not only satisfy a client’s culinary needs, they also try to create a safe, family-style environment that brings comfort and peace of mind. Tacos Manzano offers products of only the highest quality. This gives customer great confidence & keeps them coming back. Creating a vast “word of mouth” fame for the company.
In 2010 Tacos Manzano was prominently featured in Univision’s Spanish languages morning show, Primera Edicion. One of the many highlights of the broadcast was the presentation of one of Tacoss Manzano’s latest additions and now most popular dishes, the Tacos Manzano Oaxacan Tlayuda. This dish is synonymous with Oaxacan culture. It features special large toasted tortilla covered with black beans and a variety of “fixings” including delicious authentic Oaxacan string cheese and a choice of meats including Tasajo, Cecina or Chorizo among others.

Among the restaurants many honors is their nomination to The Los Angeles Business Journal’s “Latino Business Awards 2011” in the small business category alongside some of Los Angeles’ top businesses and professionals.

Come enjoy the magic of Oaxacan cuisine in North Hollywood, only at… Tacos Manzano Restaurant.



A thin crispy hand made corn tortilla smeared with asiento,
black beans paste, topped with cabbage, tomatoes, avocado, and Oaxacan string cheese (Quesillo)

Tacos Manzano
11160 Burbank Blvd. North Hollywood, California 91601 Tel: (818) 623-9599