Authentic Food & Culture

Tacos Manzano is more than just your average taco spot. With a rich heritage from Oaxaca Mexico, Tacos Manzano brings a unique flavor and style to Los Angeles Mexican food. With Signature dishes such as Tlayuda’s (Oaxacan Mexican Pizza), Mole, Tamales, and Huaraches ( hand made corn base with toppings that look like a shoe) we make sure you are getting the most Authentic Oaxacan experience when you dine with us. We only use the most authentic ingredients in all of our dishes. Hand made tortillas and sopes are just some of our staples. Our Tacos have been perfected over our long history with only family ever knowing how to make them as we do. Come taste our culture, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Our Story

A Celebration of Culture, Our Homeland and Family.

Started by Jesus Manzano the brother of 9 siblings. Jesus came to the United States with a dream to succeed and provide for his family. He started Tacos Manzano out of a Food Truck on the sidewalk (before it was cool) in North Hollywood California. Selling tacos primarily to day labor workers at prices they could afford so they could also eat and provide for their families.

Jesus's generosity, love for his culture and delicious tacos spread all over the area. Soon he was not just able to provide for his family but grow a thriving business where all of his siblings became part of the history of Tacos Manzano.
This Los Angeles staple was passed down to Jesus's sister Socorro Manzano who now runs the restaurant with the same love she has for her culture, food, and family. Becoming the face of this amazing restaurant Socorro has won numerous awards and recognition for the establishment. Appearing on local television shows such as Telemundo & Kcal9, bringing Tacos Manzano into the future.